Gerdau Araçariguama orders robotic cell for caster operations

BRAZIL. A new exciting project that involves Polytec and Gerdau is going to start: a tailor-made smart robot for caster operations between ladle and tundish will be supplied by Polytec and installed at Gerdau Araçariguama. When the ladle is in casting position, the full automatic robotic cell will perform shroud assembly and disassembly on the nozzle and its support during the casting.

Taking the lances from the tools’ storage, the smart robot will be able to open and clean the nozzle in case of metal cork with the oxygen lance, clean the shroud with an oxygen shower, manage automatically the sample picking and temperature measurement in the tundish or Powder distribution into the tundish and clean the slag channel of the tundish.

Gerdau entrusts Polytec as partner for its processes’ digitalization and continues its investments in operators’ safety and production’s efficiency.

“Another project within our manufacturing process automation portfolio, seeking efficiency and safety in our operations" said Fabio Rocha, Technical Manager / Robotic Applications, at Gerdau.