Peronda Group chooses Polytec's box picking system

Peronda Group, a Spanish manufacturer of tiles and coverings since 1827, continues to invest in technological innovation to offer its customers top quality products and services. With the aim of streamlining warehouse management and improving working conditions for its operators, Peronda Group has chosen the box picking system developed by Polytec, globally renowned for its automation and robotics solutions developed for the industrial sector. 

The Polytec solution developed for Peronda Group fully automates the task of preparing tile boxes to be shipped to the customer. 

A seven-axis sliding system allows the robot to travel to pick and place pallets. In addition to the robot, the system also carries a desk to unpack the bundles and a tool warehouse. The pallet unloading bays will be serviced by a vision system mounted on the robot capable of scanning the pallets and guiding the robot to the pick-up. 

Once positioned, the robot, integrated with a vision system and picking tool, picks from the pallet the number of boxes destined for the customer and deposits them in the shipping bay, leaving the pallet in the bay to be picked up by a forklift or reused later. 

Furthermore, for bundles of tiles, the same robot is able to remove the strap to break down the bundle and then pick up the required number of boxes, allocating the remaining ones for later use. 

Thanks to specific software, using parameters that can be set in advance according to the specific properties of the ceramics, various hypotheses for the composition of the customer's pallet will be generated; the ideal formula will be confirmed by the operator before proceeding with the composition. 

This robotic cell is a concrete example of a 5.0 approach to the industry, as the robot brings benefits to the directly involved workers, relieving them of heavy and repetitive tasks as well as improving production efficiency. 

Peronda Group and Polytec: a new story of innovation. 

Joaquin Peris – CEO at Peronda Group: "Peronda Group has always been characterised by our commitment to continuous innovation, and we firmly believe in this strategy to continue offering the best service to our customers. Robotization in the logistics centre is an evolution that we have been looking for for a long time. In order to be more efficient and to be able to offer our teams an improvement in the quality of their work."

Juanjo Carceller – Logistics Manager at Peronda Group: "When we decided to carry out this project with Laraudogoitia, we immediately chose Polytec, as they offered us the automation we needed in order to be more efficient in the picking process, improve the quality of work for our employees, and reduce the manual process of picking preparation by 76%, thus giving a better service to our customers." 

Michele Vezzola – Sales Manager at Polytec: "The considerable effort of Peronda and Polytec's technical teams enabled us to find the best technological solution that transforms the approach to warehouse management and makes operations more efficient and safer. Valuable is the local support of Laraudogoitia, with Pablo Zufia, specialized in ceramics, which has been representing us in Spain for years and allows us to be at the customer's side, not only in the early stages of the project but especially during and afterwards with on-site service and assistance."

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