Production Tracking on Continuous Casting

The tracking system is developed according to the specific needs of the customer and consists in the traceability of the pieces created during the casting process divided by quality starting from the ladle up to evacuation. Typically, the system also manages dimensions, tagging and weight of the piece. The integration of an Automation Level 2 also allows features to automatically manage: recipes, pieces produced, energy consumption, maintenance (mechanical wear of components), process value limits, product quality (ok, check, reject, mixed). Thanks to these systems it is now possible to objectively certify the product.

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  • 2022 - Optimus Steel
  • 2017 - Riva Forni Elettrici Cerveno
  • 2015 - Duferdofin Nucor San Zeno
  • 2013 - Riva Forni Elettrici Lesegno