Polytec and ITT Marconi: partners in education

BM Group Polytec donated to ITT Marconi of Rovereto the ABB SCHOOL KIT for the robotics laboratory. The partnership between the company, system integrator in the industrial field for automation and robotics, and the Marconi Technical Technological Institute of Rovereto is consolidating towards new ambitious goals. The mutual esteem and knowledge gained during Job orientation projects, have given rise to a new challenge: to develop an even more practical and experiential approach to study at school, in close contact with an innovative company. BM Group Polytec got involved by donating a machine and making the expertise of its technicians available, in order to create new training experiences together with the teachers.The machine is the ABB KIT School, a robotics package specific developed for the educational world, designed to train the technicians through the use of technologies and software used in the industrial sector. The user licenses installed on the school PCs allow students to engage in exercises with the support of BM. The projects involve mechatronic, electronic and IT students, integrating a variety of skills and simulating real working situations in the lab and perhaps someone of them will be passionate about working at BM Group Polytec.